40th Anniversary

Cheyenne Tree Farms is a family owned and operated Nursery & Tree Farm. Established in 1980. Cheyenne is proud to be a part of the Beaumont Community. We celebrate 40 years of growing in 2020!

Nurseries are the original ‘Green Industry’ and we are a segment of agriculture that is far removed from what is considered normal farming. We grow and produce trees, shrubs and perennials and this crop is like no other. Our products can provide shade from the sun, cool the environment, reduce the wind, dust and noise pollution, tie up carbon in the air, produce oxygen, reduce water run-off and can provide endless beauty. No other product in the world can do the same and plants can continue to do so for years and years.

We are committed to the hardiness trials for trees, shrubs and perennials, conducted through the Regional Woody Plant Trials.

Our family has been a strong supporter of Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association, The Alberta Nursery Producers Group and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. We are also a strong believer in education, and have been a supporter of Olds College for over 45 years. Jim continues to sit on the Olds College Horticultural Advisory Board.

We all have a passion for plants, their beauty and their contribution to the environment and that is what makes this business so satisfying for us.

It is the ideal situation when your passion becomes your job!

Cheyenne Trivia

  • The Nursery consists of 300 acres of land.
  • The Nursery employees approximately 32 seasonal staff and 8 full time staff.
  • The office and shop building is 6,000 sq. ft. main floor and 3,000 sq. ft. on the second floor.
  • There is 18,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space for propagation & production.
  • There is 180,000 sq. ft. container growing space.
  • There is about 260 acres in field grown caliper tree production.
  • The source of water is from 4 dugouts, the deepest one being 45 ft. deep.
  • Some field grown trees are propagated in house but the bulk are liners brought in, planted and grown on.
  • Many shrubs are propagated here, the rest are liners brought in and grown on.
  • About 50% of the perennials are propagated in house, the rest are either plugs or bare root brought in and grown on.
  • The Nursery is divided into 4 management groups, office / administration, field production, container & perennial production and garden center sales.

Edmonton Nursery & Garden Centre

Plants, Perennials & Shrubs

Since 1980, Cheyenne Nursery and Tree Farms have grown and supplied over 1 million quality plants and trees to residential customers through our Garden Center and to our Landscape Trade Wholesale customers. Over 1000 varieties and sizes of ‘PRAIRIE HARDY’ Caliper Trees, Potted Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens & Perennials are available at our Beaumont Garden Center and Tree Nursery.