Our Story

Jim, Sheryl and Jeff Wotherspoon are the proud owners of Cheyenne Tree Farms Ltd.. From very early on, we had a passion for the wonder of plants. The amazing beauty and complexity of trees, shrubs and perennials and what they provide was the driving force that motivated us to spend our life working with plants, and led us to establish Cheyenne Tree Farms.

Our nursery started in 1980 in north Edmonton with the purchase of a lease of an existing nursery. Having lived in Beaumont since 1977, we were continually looking for somewhere close to home. In 1995 when the opportunity to grow our nursery in our home community presented itself, it was a resounding yes. Growing trees takes time, so we did not open our doors to the public until 2001, continuing to run our north location until 2008. Since that time we have grown and made many changes to our nursery and Garden Center.

We work hard to produce quality ‘Prairie Hardy’ trees, shrubs and perennials, that you can take home to enjoy in your yard.