General Info

Cheyenne Tree Farms carries over 1,000 varieties and sizes of ‘Prairie Hardy’ Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens and Perennials.


Whether you are looking for a small tree to add to your backyard or a large caliper tree to meet your development’s guidelines, we have what you need. We carry potted and caliper trees ranging in size from a #10 pot to an 80mm (3.5″) caliper. And don’t forget the evergreens; we carry a variety of spruce, fir, and pine from 175cm (6′) to 350cm (12′) sizes.

At our production nursery in Beaumont, we grow caliper and potted trees. Pictured here is a Northern Treasure Ash growing in the field.

We harvest most of our trees in the spring after the ground has thawed but before the leaves emerge. Some trees allow us to have a second digging season in the fall. When digging (harvesting) caliper trees, we use a tree spade mounted on the front of a Bobcat skid-steer loader. We lift the tree from the ground, placing the root ball in a wire basket with a burlap liner. We then staple the burlap liner and use a heavy strapping material to tie the wire to hold the root ball together. Next, we move the trees to a holding yard for watering and maintenance.

Cheyenne can also deliver to your location. The mode of transportation to their new home can be a half-ton truck, an open trailer, or a flat-deck semi-trailer. We also have contractors available who can install trees and shrubs for you.

Once planted, caliper trees take a few seasons to get comfortable in their new home but then, with proper care, begin to grow at their regular rate. Be sure to check out our planting guide and instructions to ensure your tree becomes established and continues to grow and provide beauty and shelter in your yard for many years to come.

Our garden center staff would be pleased to assist you in choosing the perfect tree, advise you on planting procedures, and answer any questions.

Shrubs & Potted Evergreens

At our nursery in Beaumont, we are growing on 320 acres of land with 14,000 sq ft of greenhouses and 4 acres of container-grown material. We are constantly researching and testing new varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials, so there is always something new to see at the nursery. Shrubs & evergreens come in various sizes, measured by the pot size. We carry #2 pot or 2 gallons, #3 pot or 3 gallons, #5 pot or 5 gallons and #10 pot or 10 gallons. With the range of pot sizes, you can have immediate beauty or wait a year or two to reach its mature size.

Ask what is new when calling for availability and sizing because our stock constantly changes.


We encourage you to visit our Retail Garden Centre and Nursery in Beaumont to see our incredible selection of prairie hardy and specialty perennials.

With six greenhouses dedicated to perennial production, we know a plant is waiting to find a home in your yard. You may find one of those inspiring, beautiful plants that “you just gotta have!”


Gardening Products

We are pleased to carry Doktor Doom Products for troublesome pests.

We also offer an organic fertilizer product called Orgunique, produced in British Columbia. They produce an alternative to Bone Meal called Rock Phosphate. This fertilizer has low numbers but delivers BIG results.

Garden Bandit is a must-have for every gardener. A Canadian-made tool with a thin stainless-steel blade that slices effortlessly without displacing the soil or chopping the roots makes it ideal for cultivating your garden and flower beds. The Telesco Weeder has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to allow users to stand rather than kneel.

T-Mate Pro is an innovative staking system for trees up to 2″ in caliper. When used with a standard T post, your tree remains fixed, even in high winds, while providing flexible, cushioned support.