Guarantee & Warranty

Retail Guarantee

We, at Cheyenne Tree Farms, guarantee that all of our trees and shrubs are:

  • True to name.
  • In good condition when sold.
  • Able to grow providing they receive the proper planting, site conditions, fertilizing, and maintenance.

Conditional Warranty

In the event of a tree, shrub, or evergreen casualty within one year of purchase, Cheyenne Tree Farms will provide a one time in store credit for 50% of the product purchase price towards the purchase of a similar item. This means that warranty on a tree will be redeemed on a replacement tree of similar size and the warranty on a shrub will be redeemed on a replacement shrub of similar size. Warranty on multiple items cannot be combined towards the purchase of one item. Delivery and installation are excluded.  The credit will be valid for one year from the original date of purchase.

Call in to get advice, your plant may be still alive. If the Associate advises to use your warranty:

  • Bring your proof of purchase (receipt).
  • Bring the deceased for a post-mortem examination to find out what happened.

Our Warranty is conditional, and the following are required to keep your warranty valid:

  • Do not use any ground coverings (this includes landscape fabric, rock, mulch, etc.) within 3′ of the base of the plant.
  • Do not plant trees within 8′ of any drainage swale, between houses, or within 10′ of sump pump drainage.
  • Do not plant anything where water will stand or collect at the base of the plant.

No warranty is provided for the following:

  • Items that have been damaged by animals.
  • Items with mechanical damage (ex. weed wacker/trimmer)
  • Annuals. perennials, planters, hanging baskets, bare root plants, cedars, indoor plants, vegetables, and seeds.

Plants are living organisms and their survival depends on the planting and care you provide. We are more than happy to provide you with information on the proper planting and care of the plants you purchase. Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns, our staff is eager to help.