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Birch – Dakota Pinnacle

A newer introduction from North Dakota State University. Columnar form of Paper Birch with dark green foliage that turn a bright yellow in fall. Bark starts out gray/white, progresses to gray/orange and matures as orange/white. The mature bark is slightly exfoliating. Tolerant of most conditions, but does not like compacted soil. As with most birch, it is shallow rooted. Shows good resistance to Bronze Birch Borer.

Common NameDakota Pinnacle Birch
Botanical NameBetula platyphylla 'Fargo'
Height8 m
Spread2.5 m
Hardiness ZoneZone 3
Foliage ColourDark Green
Fall ColourBright Yellow
LocationSunshine/Part Shade
Growth HabitColumnar
Special FeaturesAttracts Butterflies